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Blogging At Light Speed

I have to go pick up Miss E from art class in half an hour, so let's see if I can blog appropriately. I owe everyone an update on the house. Whenever it was that G Dude started, he's still here. His position is that he doesn't work for poor people, but people may be poor by the time he leaves. Which would just about sum things up for this year. The well is dry. Except for needing the deck resealed. G Dude put all new boards in and the stuff he sealed it with is not doing its job.

So G Dude has:
painted the ceiling in the living room
painted the dining room
painted the sitting room
painted my office ceiling (long story why the walls aren't painted)
built shelves in the basement for Weatherdude (who can't get to the job)
painted my cabin ceiling
installed a bamboo floor in the dining room
installed a bamboo floor in the sitting room
installed a new hot water heater (and purchased it for us)
hauled away many, many truckloads of trash (including one used water heater)
installed tiles in the dining room and sitting room

Before sealing the deck, G Dude is currently installing new boards and additional insulation in the attic crawlspace...another job Weatherdude can't get to.

All of this done while I'm on deadline for nonfiction writing.

Not a bad list, but it's starting to become obvious why the bank account is currently screaming.

And BECAUSE I've been on deadline, nothing is yet put away in the dining room (no peeking). And BECAUSE I'm on deadline, I haven't had the headspace to consider what to do with this:


After...my office "opening" (I have no door) is on the left


After...Bookcase not looking too much different.

Before...OzConners networking.

After...no OzConners.

I'm liking these floors. I'm liking this open space. It's a great dance floor, isn't it? I could throw a party, except you should see the other rooms where all the excess junk is piled. So, my dilemma is to figure out what to throw out and what to keep and how to decorate this without making it look all cluttered again.

Frog Out
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