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Bollywood of the Day

Today's Bollywood video is Lodi, from Veer-Zaara, a 3-hour extravaganza of a love story about love lost and then found.

This is one of those typical video-songs embedded in the movie that has little to do with the overall plot, but is a fun song. When tcastleb was here last week, I played this song for her and so did Miss E. This is one of E's favorite songs, even before she saw the video. tcastleb had difficulty getting this song out of her head while she was here. She also got into the score from ALW's "Bombay Dreams" but that's a different story altogether.

The story is this:
Lodi is a festival. In this small village, the young men use Lodi to proclaim their love for a girl by breaking a sugar cane at the bonfire. If the young woman loves the young man and is willing to marry him, she takes and breaks her own sugar cane. If she denies his suit, she throws some seed onto the bonfire instead.

Amitabh Bachchan plays the "founding father" of this village in a small part. To show what Lodi is about to a visiting Preity Zinta, a Muslim from Pakistan, he breaks a sugar cane and declares that he will re-marry his wife in his next 7 lives. She throws seed on the fire, much to his shock and dismay.

The song begins from there, with him proclaiming his love and her cynical responses to his professions of love for her. First, that he drinks; second that he plays cards; third that he can't remember anything she says. His response is that he will stop drinking; that from now on there will only be two cards in his life (raja and rani) the king and queen; that he will write her words down in a notebook so he can't forget them. At which point, she forgives him, as wives do. (He won't change, but that's beside the point.)

Here, for tcastleb is "Lodi" with english subtitles, one of the best quality copies I could find on youtube. There's an amusing set in German and one of the song in Spanish, but I'll spare you the polyglot.

Frog Out


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Oct. 25th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
Dude, you're too funny. But, alas, I will have to wait to watch until I get home since the work computer filters streaming media. Boo. And you know you're going to get that stuck in my head again. Grrr.

Oh, and I got the Salaam Bombay Dreams DVD and watched it last night. You're right, it does look nifty. CD should be here any day now . . .

And I went to look for frostokovich's story; if it's December, it won't be out for another month 'cause I found an Oct. issue that said "Display until Oct. 20th."
Oct. 31st, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
Hey there! :) We noticed you are an author, and would like to extend an invitation to you to join our new LiveJournal community yauthors. The community is to allow Young Adult authors to network with one another, as well as give advice to those aspiring to become published. For more information about the community, go here. We hope to see you there!
Nov. 1st, 2008 04:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you kindly for the invitation, but I'm definitely not a YA author. Nothing personal, I just write to a different age group.
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