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For Rebecca

Natural lighting, cloudy day.
Front, with lining...




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Nov. 6th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
I like the basic design, it's the length I like to adjust. My first was "off the rack" one of the early ones they designed, not a scarf/shawl but dyed silk in blue and black. I liked it so much, they made my second one in my size, on spec, using the scarf pattern I always seem to buy.

The third is my really long one. I picked the shawl it was made from at a show. We measured, decided how long it would be. I don't see the lining, the buttons, until it's done, but the sense of color they have is incredible, all the way to their seamstress who actually puts particular pieces together. She knows what shawl is being cut, but they might pick the lining or give her a choice of what part of a huge piece of dyed cloth to use. She's part of the art as well.

I have 3 jean jackets from them now. They're patchwork. Heidi chooses the patches to assemble in the pattern Brian designed. Brian also does designs on some of the fabric, stitching, bleaching. Randall is the source of woven scraps and dyed fabrics. And then Heidi (whom I've never met) chooses how to cut and how to assemble the final garment.

I selected the shawl for this one with Brian at a show in September. I knew the length I wanted, so we looked at the stock in that length. I ended up with my second choice as a shawl, I liked the greens so much. But I didn't know what the inside would look like, what Randall would have around, what he would choose, what Heidi would choose.

It's fun. Randall and Brian occasionally appear on the west coast. The scarf pattern I love is actually set up by Randall in the east and woven by a woman on the west coast. She has choice of how to do the weft. He sets up the warp and gives her color choices for the weft, but it's her decision how to use them. The results are fascinating, a dialog between them over several years.