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1.83 inches yesterday, the final .17 this morning for an even 2.0. There's a couple inches in the 'pond' (backhoe hole in the ground with willows growing in it). No frog activity, just insects. It was chilly and I pulled out my padded flannel shirt for a trip to the store. The sun came out accordingly.

The new algae feeder is settling into the fish tank with the two current goldfish. We still don't know what happened to the last one. Somewhere between Monday night and Saturday morning, he disappeared, not that he's easy to locate in the tank. No physical evidence of his demise. Does this mean there was no crime, as in habeus corpus? Neither the goldfish nor the cats are talking. But I have my suspicions. Any cat that can open screen doors can open the lid to a fish tank. Just because I haven't witnessed them doing it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Screen doors are left mysteriously ajar in the night. The back door, if not latched, gets mysteriously pushed open. The wind? I think not.

Wet chicken is on my list of aromas I would like to avoid. Wet dog is too, but since the dog is at my feet constantly, I can't walk away from that one. Cats show up when wet and sit in my lap. PD has been chasing things in the 5 acre field. The grass is still short enough so I can see him. Six eggs collected on a visit to the girls, who have left weird alien tracks in the mud and then demanded more feed. Or did the aliens eat it all?

I'm mourning the passing of a red fox today. We've had one and kits in the 5 acre field every year since we've been here. But one neighbor said they saw one looking sickly and another neighbor says one died under their deck last week. The area is so built up now that I mourn each one, whether I see it at the side of the road or hear about it. Another mouse hunter gone.

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