Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

The Mouse King's Tail, etc.

I'm continuing to look for the skunk(s). J placed flour at the outside of the hole in question, but no little paw prints today. Visits continue to the barn. I continue to smell skunk under the sink (?) and occasionally around the deck just outside the kitchen. I think they're under the deck there. J can just go look with a flashlight.

Meanwhile, on the fiction front, the following (yes, Mike, I really am working on this one):

The Mouse King's Tail

It was rumored of Peaseblossom that she had feelings for the Mouse King. But those were mere rumors, spread by fairies who wished her ill. The truth was she had no more feeling for him than for any other creature, including her own child. She adhered to the First Law of Faery* as part of her nature. One should say, rather, that she had an obsession--with the Mouse King's tail. No feeling for the king himself. Just an unseemly, and slightly embarrassing, taste for his tail; a body part no fairy-lover had.

As for the Mouse King, well, it was scarcely her concern if he had feelings for her. Kings were a law unto themselves, whatever some of his wives might say in the privacy of his harem. She couldn't understand their fuss. His extra-curricular activities were hardly their affair. Had he not done his duty and sired a thousand mousely offspring on them? Was he not entitled to take his ease with her, a fairy? He was their lord and master. They were objects of his royal pleasure. His whim determined their rank in his harem and the worth of the royal babies sired on them. It was the lesser wives who gave voice to such complaints. The first wives preserved a politic silence regarding their royal mouse-spouse.

*Thou Shalt Not Feel For Others

Frog Out
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