Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Log Jam Beginning to Break Up

Yesterday I had an unusually long work day. After my usual "help the neighbor" errands, I spent the afternoon futzing away, playing with email. But at 2:30 no child appeared. Wow. (She's in Disney World.) So I was able to futz some more. God intended me to make brownies because he put a box on my shelf and yogurt in my fridge. So I did. And the Dude worked late, ended up taking the last train home so he got home at 9pm. So I had this weird block of 7 hours I wouldn't have otherwise had. And somewhere around 8pm, I got a serious second wind and went back to work on the edit, which I had futzed with all day.

As soon as I finish this and figure out why the fire doesn't want to burn today, I'm going to stop checking email and go back to work. Despite it being another "help the neighbor out" morning and a small munchkin is underfoot. He's usually cool, but some days he simply must tell me about Super Mario Brothers Smash Down (or whatever) and Zelda. Something one plays on a wii, I think.

I fielded 3 calls from Florida yesterday. Better charge up my phone for whatever needs to be said today.

Frog Out
Tags: and from his lips, fairies, house, miss e, not writing, process, procrastination, writing

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