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More Notes

The fairy story was written in freewrite. My editor notes, with some amusement, the following:

1. It opened, originally, with a writer writing a story about a fairy. This was easily cut. The writer was clearly writing her way into the real story.

2. The current opening contains the dialog "You need to do something!" This would seem to be another authorial remark, i.e. the writer needs to start writing the actual story.

3. A third of the way into the story, the pov character is noticing character #2's appearance in detail. Finally. He's already had a couple of scenes with her, so the editorial note is that the writer is finally noticing some of character #2's physical characteristics and this must be placed earlier in the story because that's when the pov character would have actually noticed them. Duh.

The Dude used up all the wood in last night's fire. To start one this morning, wood must be hauled to the house from the distant woodpile since the one by the house has yet to be filled for the season. The Dude went back to bed an hour ago. I do not call this the proper care and feeding of a brilliant writer who also happens to be one's spouse. No, I don't.

As it is almost 7am and still no re-emergence of The Dude, I shall (sigh) have to go let the chickens out and haul the wood myself. In the cold. Coffee, also, did not magically appear at my elbow at 5am when I got up and buried myself under a down lap quilt for warmth. You are aghast. That he fed the cats is no excuse for these other examples of his neglect. I am put upon. I am long suffering. I am not editing.

Frog Out
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