Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

The Pirate Takes The Wheel (And The Wedge And The Screws...)

It is I, Dread Pirate E, taking over the blog today.

I invented a new machine for a school project and I wanted to show it to everyone. My assignment was to use six simple machines (wheel, screw, lever, pulley, inclined plane, and wedge) to make a complex machine of my own design.

The Cat Feeder
Design Engineer: Dread Pirate E
Construction Engineer: Weatherdude
Support Staff: Oz

The cats made me feel like people shouldn't have to get the food when their dish isn't full. A machine would help. It can really help lazy people not to have to get up on their feet when they don't want to.

When a cat plays with a cat toy the pulley string gets pulled and opens the lid. The cat food slides down the inclined plane into the food dish. A lever opens the top of the tube. The machine comes to the bowl by the wheel and axle and the cat will happily eat its food. The machine is held together with screws and the cat food tube is fit with two wedges.

My Cat Feeder with the cat toy above the pulley to show it. The cat toy would be on the ground.

more photos behind the cut

Daddy and I went to Home Depot and we looked at simple machines and a tube. I did some drawings. Daddy found some more simple machines at home. He set up the pulley for me on a base and I played with that. Then I took a break.

We set up the machine. At first it was too low for the bowl, which I had put on wheels. So I moved the wheels to the machine and now it was high enough for the food to go down the inclined plane.

Daddy did all the construction work. I told him what to do.

Yesterday, I painted my machine and colored the lids and inclined plane. Then we strung the pulley and the lever. It was time to test it. We used duct tape for the lids and they don't close right. The design team thinks there should be a magnet on the lower lid so the food doesn't slide out before it should. So I tested the cat toy while Daddy held the lid shut. Rainbow Tom tested the food.

Me, with my machine and my test subject, Rainbow Tom.

Here I am about to demonstrate the lever. My test subject moved, something he doesn't do very often.

And here I am again, posing with my invention, because you can never have too many photos of an inventor with their invention. Especially an inventor in Tinker Bell jammies.

You know, if Rainbow Tom depended on this machine for his food, I think he would starve. Unless he convinced one of the other cats to play with the cat toy and work the lid.

Dread Pirate E, returning you to the normal blog.
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