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A preliminary brainstorming of ideas has been sent in for Montreal programming. Nothing is final, nothing is set in stone. But frostokovich and I have sent in our ideas for panels and mini workshops to interest writers. We also have quite a list of names willing to critique for the writing workshop. Some good ones too. Well, actually, they're ALL good names. But some are really well known.

Hugo Nominations are open to February 28. The webpage says you can nominate if you registered for Denvention or if you registered for Anticipation before Jan 31, but an internal site says through Jan 31. So if you're counting on your Anticipation registration to nominate, check your viability if you registered at the last minute.

And yes, I have a horse in this race. "Re\Creation" Analog November 2008 in the short story category. Will send a copy to anyone who wants to read it and can nominate.

In other news, first from Pat Cadigan and Ellen Datlow herself, then from Greg Frost, then from Cheryl Morgan: Ellen Datlow has had a leg injury. Her blog originally said it was over, but news in the past couple of days is that the infection in her leg is not yet under control and she was back in a hospital. Hopefully it is by now. As she's currently in England, this is a wee bit concerning because she's so far from home. But she's being looked after.

In happier news, this morning Jim Kelly (that's James Patrick Kelly to you) emailed to say he's a GRANDFATHER. Here he is and I must say, he's looking good and definitely too young to have a grandchild when he's only 36.

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