Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

No, Still Here

I'm still here, still reading the f-list, just not posting. Tax season is here.

My office has been cleaned in preparation. This was a multi-day project. My supplies have been ordered. Another multi-day project as I try to figure out how to kill fewer trees and still keep decent records. Also, how to reduce costs since I only use my pressboard files once. (Not going to use pressboard anymore.)

I went to Boskone. There were things I enjoyed about the trip, where I took a train to Philly, stayed overnight Chez Schoen, drove to Boston, attended the con, visited my folks and came home on a plane: klingonguy, frostokovich, araken, fjm, Karl Schroeder, Paul Park, Jim Kelly. Despite all of that, it was also a lonely trip without the Dude and E and without a posse of my own. I bought too many books from Larry Smith. Which means I bought less than usual, but a lot for air travel home. My mother was in better spirits, so my father was as well. I met with 5 clients over the long weekend. I talked to people about Worldcon programming.

I posted about process over on a community blog. Basically, I've been editing the fairy story, working 3 scenes down to 1-2. I did most of that on the train or in my hotel room. The ending needs work as well, but that's going to be tricky.

So I played with the water story when the Dude and E went swimming. How appropriate. Well, yes, but it's appropriate because the edits are early and easy. Which means I can do them with scads of uncontrolled kids spinning in the chair next to me. I like kids ok. I have a kid. But I find that parents do not keep some sort of control over their children in a public place. They say words to them, but the words are few and ineffectual. When Miss E was out of control, we removed her. Forcibly, if necessary, picking her up and taking her to the car to calm down. Or leaving altogether. So if these kids were there for a party, maybe they needed to blow off some steam outside for 10 minutes first. But I mustn't judge others.

So. An influx of grackles migrating. The cardinals are not amused. While I was gone, a pileated showed up and everyone was ooh and ahh. Turns out Maralton had never seen one before.

Frog Out
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