Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

News From the Bird Cage

I know why the caged bird sings...

Well, it sort of feels like that at this time of year. Though it's really all in my head. I don't feel like I live in a birdhouse so much as a birdcage right now, surrounded by computers and Excel spreadsheets and tax forms. I guess once the checks start coming in (to be crass) I'll feel better about it.

The old Dell became too unreliable and I had to replace it. What do you know? Dell makes a honkin' huge 17inch with a built-in 10key! Ok, this is not going to be a laptop that a writer would use. This is a laptop for the number cruncher. Of course, now I can't just sit with a keyboard in my lap anymore. But I'll get used to it. The monster finally arrived yesterday and I'm still updating it with several years of software and files. I also replaced my aging personal copier that was fussy with a huge thing that will scan and print as well. It won't fax, but scans should make that unnecessary. And it only scans with a pc, go figure. This was necessitated by the death of the ethernet connector INSIDE the laser printer. Thankfully, I can still use it with a USB connector. But then the pcs can barely find it and they have all the tax software. So the new printer is ethernetted primarily for the pcs and the old one is USB'd through the airport/time machine for the macs in the house (thank you, Greg, for that idea).

And now I truly have a machine for writing and a machine for tax and the two really don't overlap well. Which is cool. And meanwhile, the desktop has its various backup functions (music, letters, file storage, etc).

I'm on Twitter now, for the same reason I joined livejournal. To be able to respond to something. Twitter, to me, seems like a public IM (iChat, AIM, Messenger). I'm not sure why I would say something to the world at large, frankly. I'm sort of one on one after all these years of IMs. The Dude and I use IMs (or iChat) a lot. Some of what we say is mundane. And some of it is definitely not for public consumption. Since that's who I "tweet" at most of the day, twitter is sort of secondary. I've also begun to blip. I like this better, satellite connection willing. Instead of begging someone to send me a playlist, I get one almost immediately and send back my own. Again, many of the "DJ's" seem to be sort of doing their own thing, which puzzles me. Why would you follow someone if you don't like the music they select? I like that the music is already out there on the internet. No slow uploads, courtesy of satellite.

And if that weren't enough, Big Sister has been watching my eating. Which is weird, because no one generally pays much attention to what I do. I pay attention to them, like most moms and wives. She keeps putting out healthy snacks in the afternoon when I'm scrounging for things to eat. I can actually say no to the GS cookies. Well, most of the time.

Next I'll be exercising again. Whoa. Let's not get crazy, ok?

Frog Out

PS E is off of Ritalin right now, yippee! It hasn't been doing what it did when she was younger and it may have been keeping her from growing. No more mood swings when it's wearing off!
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