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It is a MYSTERY to me. It is fantasy and not SCIENCE fiction. The images played in my head as I flew on two flights to Tucson, as if I was sitting in a THEATER. (Ok, the last word was pretty stretched.) I wrote 3K yesterday on a new story, most of the rough draft, as it's clearly a fairy tale.

It triggered on the words Frost spoke to me "Be Merciless." They were spoken in a completely different context, of how I should approach my editing this upcoming week. It didn't matter. I wrote them in a notebook as the plane took off from Dulles and a story began to pour out of me. I didn't really write during the hour I waited at Midway. I think that was a breather. I began writing again on the 4 hour final leg and kept it up most of the way.

It felt good. I was a bit more focused than the rough drafts I wrote in November during NaNo. This is good because it should make the editing easier. And while this is a typical story for me, based on fairy tales read many times over, I think it's more traditional than a lot of my work. It doesn't survive on its world building, but on its theme.

I've communed with horses, cats, dogs, Judy, and my sleep. I'm three hours away from my own time zone. I'm in an alternate universe, a safe place.

Frog Out
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