Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Soldiering On

The editrix is a pain in my butt.

That's probably why I spent much of the day futzing. It wouldn't be all the conversation, like the one that had me up to midnight babbling away about process. And that meant I slept in to 7am. I am so not on EDT right now. No, it wouldn't be the conversation about life, the universe, and everything else.

I was at a tricky place yesterday, one of the crucial moments where I had to tweak my first draft properly. At least it was halfway through what continues to be a 3k story. It took me a while to get through that moment today. Phone calls didn't help. Of course, I didn't exactly keep them to a minimum.

Editrix didn't like stuff today. I had a lot of trouble with the physician scene. And then I cut it so short that it didn't need to be there at all. Snip. The draft got a bit fatter and then I cut all the first draft stuff where I was playing around with the basic idea. Snip. Back to 3k again. Technically, as of now, I have 500 words to go.

Editrix: No one will like this story.
Me: Why not?
Editrix: Because it's about people who aren't nice.
Me: So?
Editrix: You do mean things to them.
Me: So? They deserve it.
Editrix: No one deserves what you're writing about these characters.
Me: Do you really think so?
Editrix: No one will get this story.
Me: Why not?
Editrix: Because it's too simple.
Me: Oh. Do you really think so?
Editrix: And no one will buy this last scene unless you go back and make it clear that he really cares. Otherwise, it's going to be a bunch of random things happening to bad people.
Me: Well, I can fix that. See this place? It has almost nothing in it and I can add that without adding a lot of words.
Editrix: What makes you think you know how to pull this story off?
Me: I don't know. Do you think I can't?
Editrix: You're not worthy.

Like I said, Editrix is a pain in my butt.
That must be why the kittens have been guarding me. Maybe they'll kick Editrix' butt for me, purr all over her and distract her while I tweak the final 500 words.

Frog Out
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