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The Really Good Photos

Traci got here last night. So now we have really good photos I can upload right away. Any I take with my Leica will have to wait. Everything I've been posting was taken with the laptop cam, including yesterday's horse photos down at the barn. Yes, I dragged the laptop down there and asked the horses to pose through the "photobooth" countdown. Like that was a big success. (not)

Judy has pronounced that the story sucketh not. Which is good, cause that's what I thought. Means I'm developing my critical eye and sometimes the editrix can go chase herself. She needs to back off once in a while. Yes, she helped me get the final bit right. Yes, she helped me make a couple of gonzo jumps in the rewrite. Yes, she has an eye for rhythm and flow. But she's a pain in my arse about whether the story is any "good" whatever that's supposed to mean.

Enough about that. Before I dive into the fairy story's rewrite, here are some Very Cool Photos.

First off, me talking to Carma at sunset. Carma is Pook's mom, for those not in the know. She's calling a new human just now, but she's a very sweet lady.

Pook, just as handsome a stud as any I've ever seen. He's the only one I've ever met in person.

Me, talking to Pandora, whom I adore. Always have, from the moment I met her. Camilla is an amazing personality, but Pandora radiates calm and when I come here, that's part of what I need. Camilla is NOT about calm. She's a warrior. Ephiny has also been showing what a spectacular horse she's going to be, which is very different from the personality I saw in the past two visits. She's Growing Up. Oh, right. Pandora, talking to me while eating.

Judy, riding Pook in the evening light.

For the Pook fans...

And now, The Surprise. Judy and Traci went down to the barn first last night. I was sending off the draft of the new story to alpha readers. I went out and saw this guy on the path to the barn and called Traci for her camera. This guy is endangered, is young, is living under Judy's house. A gila monster. Amazingly beautiful. It's a sign that DHF is back as one of the most wonderful karma places on the earth. I was in awe. Not in a cage, not moving away from me with any speed, and the closest I've ever been to something this rare and beautiful.

Frog Out
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