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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Not Quite Yet and A'Mazed!

Not Quite Yet

Not quite back to what I consider myself yet. Still a bit down and sensitive. Had a f'ing brilliant insight for a (boringly predictable) sf story I wrote several years ago. How to make it sit up and DO something. Of course I was in the car at the time. But I did remember my idea and wrote it down. Make my heroine not be a victim and how to do it. Then, natch, I went looking for the story. Uh-oh. Not deadfiled where it should be. I know it used to be there. I pulled it out and let someone read it about 2 years ago. But apparently I never re-filed it with other 'finished' stories. Meaning stories that I'm done with at the time, but not satisfied with. Because, of course, this story goes back a couple of computers. It's probably on disk somewhere or a zip disk. But the safest copy was that hard copy. Grrrrr. Now I just want to tear through all the stupid boxes I threw things into to deal with later. Clutter. I can't live with it, I can't live without it. And of course this is keeping me from working on the Mouse King and revising the stories that need to be submitted so I will no longer be a submission virgin.

Meanwhile, some stupid chicken keeps dropping one egg from the roost. Are they taking turns? Is it, like, some kind of weird chicken humor in the night? "Bombs Away!" "Look Out Below!" (fits of chicken giggles/clucks from the top roost) Because it does seem to be dropped each time from the highest rung where about 7-8 hens sleep each night. The rest of 'em have to sleep at least one rung lower. So the pecking order includes being beaned by eggs while asleep or as some sort of wake-up call? The mind boggles at chicken politics. (The mind boggles at US human politics, but let's not get depressed a whole week early.)

And I wouldn't have thunk it, but the woodchuck/groundhog hasn't been around since the time change and I miss him.

No further sign of skunk in/under the house/deck.


We did a corn maze on Sunday, J, E and I. E&I did this maze last year, in a different format. Here is the link http://www.circleofseeds.com/index_cornmaze.html So please note the exit and entrance is at the bottom right corner. There is a bridge there as well where the 'corn cops' will help you get out if you can't figure out the maze. You have to go under this bridge twice while going through the maze. There are seven stations to stop at to fill in a map. The middle bottom (the body of the big bat) is the final section. There is one way in and one way out of this section. We couldn't find it. The sun went down, the moon became bright and still we were stomping up and down rows of corn.

Frog Out
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