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The Paddock Fence

Once upon a time, we bought a 10 acre place. It already had a barn, a cabin, and fencing for sheep in both a paddock and a 5 acre field. The field is hay now and the paddock is partly used for the chickens. And irises and trees and E's house. It's on the back side of the house and is the direction most of the windows face, so this vista is the most important to us.

This post will be edited, because the photos are on more than one computer. The before photos were a trip down memory lane for me...some are in here just for fun.
A couple of posts were replaced, but basically the new fence keeps the posts and this gate. Looking back towards the house, a few years ago, with PD walking the lawn...

Along the fence, an Easter years ago. That's my nephew and Naomi The College Student with serious nerf cannons that belong to The Dude and myself.

In late 2006, the place was overrun with hens and Disney Princesses. This one collected eggs, a friend of Miss E.

Ariel and her friend released the hens. This is the original group, which includes Walkabout. No wonder they were tame enough to come into the house. We were always mucking with them. This is also a shot of the old run, with the temporary part that Walkabout would fly over all the time.

The hens didn't move fast enough, so Ariel threw them over the fence.

Here the pink fairy princes chases a hen. The gate in the back is the one that was replaced with one large enough for a vehicle or the tractor so we can access the garden area more easily. This section was always board, painted black.

Next up will be the "after" photos, but I have to do an edit on the other computer to add those...

My neighbor's quarterhorses got loose last fall (I was at Capclave with tcastleb and mindseas) and ended up in our paddock. The older one became upset (as horses do) when the little one was led away first. She panicked (as horses do) and attempted to jump the old fence in the corner where it stopped being board and started being wire. She ended up taking out the fence, swung around and headed for the chicken run. Her owner was right in the way, our neighbor Laurie. The fence was tangled in Gypsy's legs (the horse) and she ran by Laurie and the fence knocked Laurie flat, breaking her (Laurie's) leg at the edge of the knee cap. She's now walking with a limp and a plate and not going to be riding any time soon, as it was her left leg. So they paid G Dude to fix the fence and we paid the difference to have boards put up from the corner to the gate we still have. It looked so nice (but we were out of money) that we wanted to go all the way. This spring, I finally had enough money to finish the job.

looking back towards the house, this is the section G Dude did last fall.

This is the new, larger, gate from under the mullberry tree that's between the gate and my cabin.

from the house, it looks like this now...

and like this, showing my bed of special hybrid irises in lots of colors...

So that's what the new fence looks like. And no, I have no urge to "paint it black."
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