Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

The Pastoral Life (With Teeth)

Life in the almost-country. Birds, flowers, chickens, cats, raccoons, woodchucks, scuzzy deer, peace and sometimes quiet. And then carnage enters Eden.

It's difficult enough to keep Miss E focused on getting to school on time. I have to stay with her most mornings while she dresses because otherwise she just goes under the covers again. No matter how early I get her up. It's the way she's wired. And I've adapted to it. She'll get distracted easily and has no sense of the clock, far worse than mine is. Packing her lunch is then a last minute rush job as she eats breakfast with only teeth brushing left. 10 minutes to the bell. I zip into the pantry to get her cereal.

And I have a "what the heck is that, oh no, ewwwwww" reaction.

Someone has killed a female cardinal and with bizarre feline logic, not only brought it home, but placed it by the cat food dishes in the pantry. And after that, it appears several cats have mangled it a bit more. One seems to have tried to bury it under the throw rug. What? Are we not feeding you enough? (we are.)

Rainbow Tom: This is not the culprit. He's into his dry food. Big time. Though he might have mangled it or tried to bury it. He's too lazy to get his own, but he's not above poking what someone else catches.

PD: This is the "Look, it's Haley's Comet!" cat. He will steal what another cat catches and might move it to the food area, but he's not going to kill a bird.

Goliath: A suspect. Last seen running for the door with a live chipmunk in his jaws. I slammed the door in his face and he dropped his chipmunk. Which got away. And then Goliath got bored. So we know he can catch and kill things and we know he wants to bring his kills inside and we know he then gets bored with the whole process. Goliath is frequently bored. He walks around aimlessly from room to room, meowing. Especially if the weather outdoors doesn't suit him, i.e. rain.

Mrs. Gaines: The only girl cat in the house. Note this photo taken in the winter. She has inserted herself on RT's footstool closest to the heater. And he's too lazy to object, just puts his paw around her.

Note the "Who Me?" expression. Butter wouldn't melt in this cat's mouth. Last seen bringing a young bunny home clamped in her jaws, also entering the house with it. The bunny was eventually rescued and released to some unknown fate. This cat has been known to run along the rooftop, mouse, and yes, catch birds.

She's clearly a dangerous character. See? She can't even make eye contact with my laptop here. And see that notch in her ear? Clearly a sociopath in Eden, capable of avicide without remorse. And then leaving it for me to clean up. Ugh.
Tags: farm, house

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