Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Reprising My Role

An encore performance, and no, not on stage or in writing, though I've been asked to.

I heard a shout outside the house. I'd been on the phone with Miss E and The Dude and didn't realize it was horsie lunchtime at DHF. I looked out to see Judy grab a whip and proceed to get Pooka to Move About. Something had happened. And while she was working with Pooka, the others weren't getting fed. So it seemed like an "I can do that" opportunity. After all, I'd fed them all by myself the day before.

She was still making Pooka move when I got my shoes and sunglasses on. He was trying to get to his lunch and she was blocking him with the whip, making him trot off some energy. (And SUCH a pretty trot he has.) It was clear he'd had a testosterone moment. He'd had one earlier in the morning and I'd nearly been in the way. While I adore Pooka, I'm very wary of his hormones. And I'm not one of his girlfriends he makes goo-goo eyes at. No, I worship him just as I ought and I don't move into his space. I give him cookies when I have them and he takes them gently. But he is not a tame pet.

So with a quick check with Judy (waiting for her to have a second to look at me, as opposed to Pooka), I proceeded into the arena with the lunch wagon. And it went much like yesterday, though I was much cleverer about getting Carma her share, working my way out to the farthest bucket LAST. Yesterday, I did that one in the middle in a big circle and they pushed her out.

Is it my imagination or is Pandora acting just a bit more alpha than she was? She ended up near us by the gate once Judy came in. Normally, it's Capria there and Pandora is out further across the arena. Seems Pandora might have a reason to come hang out there now. Both her humans were there.

Life is exciting. Pookah has a hormone fit (he actually tried to bite the hand that feeds him as it fed him) and I get to be helpful. Really, truly helpful. I've also done some cooking helpful and dishes helpful, but I do that all the time. This was horse helpful, a new skill. Oh. And I now handle the water buckets in the morning, speeding up the morning chores a bit. I can fill and swish water buckets. I do that for the chickens at home. Transferable skills.

Frog Out
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