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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

From Gray To Technicolor Splendor

It has been gray most of the day, which was a novelty to me. Dry as it was (humid to locals) I was extremely comfortable today. When we went out at 7pm to feed the horses (too windy to ride), the gusts suddenly swelled to about 30mph. It will take me weeks to get the dust out of my eyelashes. I hid behind a horse more than once. Not much brushing and grooming going on during that. The trees rustle and things flap and the mares get antsy.

The wind shifted, a storm blew through, a few drops of rain, the SMELL of rain. Judy can smell it coming before I can because I'm used not used to smelling tiny bits of moisture and she is. The wind died down and rain fell somewhere else, against the mountains in the distance, near Saguaro National Park, I think, if I've figured out my directional navigation correctly.

But with all that moisture in the air, guess what? Well, you can see what. The incredible sunset is what. Click through for more photos from this evening. Technicolor splendor.

And this is the ocotillo. I saw it in bloom in April. It just blows me away. Some sort of alien life form. And against a colorful sky? Amazing.

And if that weren't enough, in this direction we have clouds over Judy's barn...

Moving right along, let's look to the northwest, where the sun has already gone below the horizon, shall we?

And what's a sunset, if not seen over a white horse's back?

The sun sets on another visit to Dancing Horse Farm...did I mention that the horses danced for me tonight in the arena? Ephiny kicking her heels and Pandora running down the length like she's a kid. All of them running and milling and flying about in the late light, waiting for their dinners.

This wasn't horse camp, it was something else altogether, but we still sing in the dying light: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Pandora would be the old friend in some ways. And Judy. But all the herd, 6 mares and a gelding, are my friends now. Which is not to say I don't think Pooka is awesome. I do. But one doesn't befriend a monarch with ease.

My buddy, Pandora.

And again. Say goodnight, Gracie.

"Goodnight Gracie" (She's such a clown at times.)

Oh and for the record? We have stunning sunsets in Virginia, too. But they're usually in the fall and it's difficult to get this wide open expanse in order to photograph them. But technicolor sky? You betcha. And yellow light. I love early and late light, wherever it happens.

Frog Out
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