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Can You Believe This?

<------------------That's my horse. And no, that's not what this post is about. But that's Pandora.

So we went to the annual picnic at E's school and we met a family that will be redistricted into hers next year. It turns out they live relatively close, as the crow flies. And in the general conversation about enjoying the local fauna, The Peacocks came up.

We hear them every spring and then all through the summer and then they go silent. We're not that close to them, but the sound really carries. And this family lives even closer to them. The peacocks are on a property that has been in the same family for close to a hundred years, as far as folks can tell. We know about them though another neighbor. It seems this old area family is where the peacocks live, verifying something another neighbor had told us.

But wait. It gets better. We asked whether he knew what they did with the peacocks in the winter. Did they put them indoors? Did they kill them and start with a new brood each year? There were certainly more peacocks this spring.

He said that as far as they knew, the peacocks were feral and had been returning to that farm every year for as long as anyone could remember. Every spring they show up. And every fall they migrate away.

Fascinating, if true. Peacocks fend for themselves pretty well, much better than chickens do. And they would obviously go south for the winter. But looking peacocks up online, I can only get verification of feral populations in Florida and Hawaii, zoo escapees.

Some part of me says these folks that have the peacocks may not be telling the neighbors the truth. I can't help but think "thanksgiving dinner, xmas dinner, new year's dinner...."

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