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Father's Day

Btw, The Dude shaved that mustache off a while ago. It's been with him since he retired from the military almost 12 years ago...along with the beard he finally shaved off in 2005, thank goodness.

So it was Dude's Day around here. Miss E and I took Weatherdude on a mystery ride. Which meant, will he, nil he, I was driving. We did let him stop at CVS for stuff. They had everything except the shoe polish. They don't carry it anymore. I wonder who does.

I had planned to give The Dude a new alarm clock. He's been using an old one of mine that has a manual on switch and some nights he forgets to turn it on. Some mornings, he forgets to turn it off if he gets up earlier than the alarm. This clock has a large face, but a very annoying buzzer. And no radio. It also has a battery in case of power outages. The battery is usually dead though. We forget to put a new one in.

We went to Radio Shack which seemed to have a number of options. But nothing quite like The Dude wanted. And certainly nothing someone sleeping in close proximity to someone getting up at 3:50 each morning could live with. I was wanting some sort of combined alarm, two time settings, ipod dock or connection. An acceptable alternative was radio or weather radio, both of which I could live with waking me up. Because I tend to set mine to radio for 5:10 on the classical station.

So the first stop was a total bust and a bit of frustration where he said he liked having a buzzer alarm and I said then you'll be waking up alone. The Dude was all set to go to Target and try looking there, but I nixed that because of The Master Plan.

Our next stop was a local nursery. Miss E had chosen this as her gift when I offered her a choice. I had recently done a serious cleaning in the living room and had noticed that almost all of The Dude's house plants were pretty much goners. He had let the frost kill certain plants last fall on purpose because of bugs. I've lived with Teh Weatherdude for 30 years and we've ALWAYS had houseplants. Yes, we have the big out of doors now and it's very nice, thank you. We have lots of annuals and perennials and we love them all, but the air is better for house plants. I put up with the leaves and mess in exchange for things like breathing.

This was a much more successful stop on the mystery trip. The Dude was quickly in a zen-like state of plant acquistion. I wanted to try a hibiscus to replace the ficus we had had for 10 years. They had a staghorn fern in a hanging basket and I think that was for me, too. My parents had a staghorn fern and The Dude and I had two huge ones when we lived in Atlanta. Miss E was taken with some new guinea impatiens, but who isn't? And The Dude selected rabbits foot fern, boston fern, ponytail fern, asparagus fern, norfolk island pine...I'm forgetting something, I'm sure. We had fun talking to the owners and to the huge resident koi.

We abandoned Miss E's plan to play mini golf in favor of taking all this plant life safely home. At which point it was time to head out again to Leesburg's Del Rio restaurant which had promised a live mariachi band beginning at 5pm. Alas, no band, they were late. But the food was yummy.

Now we just need a lot more potting soil and a lot more pots...and more plants. We definitely didn't get enough even though Miss E shared the back seat with a small pine and a yellow hibiscus of size.

Frog Out
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