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I'm posting an interlude, because, hey, I can't talk about Worldcon ALL the time. Well, I can. It sort of consumes me right now. But that's the next post.

This one goes up for the friends of the frog in the birdhouse.

First item: Mrs. Gaines has FIP. She is Miss E's first cat, the only girl cat in the household. My dismay is that I shall lose my best mouser. I shall no longer look out my office window to see her running along the roof gutters, shall no longer hear her disembodied meows when she pretends she hasn't a clue how to get back down by herself. Mrs. G is 5.5 years old. FIP normally strikes in the first year or so when a cat first catches a common cat virus. If they have a genetic marker, their immune system goes haywire and the result is FIP. We're not sure how long Mrs. G has had it, but it's fatal. The issue is usually diagnosing it. We're making her comfortable, loving her.

Second item: We had the first of Miss E's visits to specialists for this week. This was a follow-up with an endocrinologist. Blood tests last time were negative. She sees some change, but not enough. Follow-up again in six months. It's possible, she said, that while her test for celiac was negative, that Miss E does have it. Her gastric distress is telling us something, but what? (Same thing her pediatrician said.) Miss E was all doom and gloom about the visit because last time a great deal of blood was drawn. I had told her over and over that we simply didn't know until we got there what the doctor would order done. And in fact, she ordered no tests at all. Ha, hardy, ha, ha. I wonder if my mother ever felt this vindicated by the result of some event? But of course, as E is still quite young, she will promptly forget the lessons her parents were trying to teach her about not blowing things up before you have any idea what's going to happen. GI specialist is on Friday.

Third item: Miss E has requested that I cease calling her a "munchkin." She is, in fact, munchkin-sized. But she has neither seen the film nor read the book. She made this request in earshot of her grandfather. I responded that she didn't even know what one was. And he said "time for her to read the book, which is far better than the movie." And I do agree with him. While I was terrified by that movie and I think it's a marvel, the book is something else again. Not to mention some of the sequels.

Frog Out


Jul. 21st, 2009 05:23 pm (UTC)
OK, I am late and clueless to this party, but if celiac is an issue, and you ever want to bend an ear, I have close experience with it (mom and sister are both celiacs - -so far, I am good, though I always watch my GI and other immune responses, because I am likely genetically predisposed). I will say that the blood test for celiac is notoriously inaccurate, and that I hope that solutions can be found that allow Miss E to be happy and healthy!

And I am so sorry about your kitty. :(.
Jul. 21st, 2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
Neither late nor clueless. You are on target.

Miss E is 10 and only 48 inches tall and 55 pounds soaking wet. She has not grown in the past year more than about a half inch. It was thought to be related to HGH, Ritalin, who knows what. It is no longer related to Ritalin. And HGH was ruled out. Celiac is also on the table. Since she stopped Ritalin, she's had a lot of gastric distress. So, next specialist, please!