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Writers Workshop At Anticipation, Worldcon 2009

Last time I checked, the user icon at left pretty much matched what was in the mirror. Just sayin'.
My slogan is: Oz; obfuscating gender for 15 years now.

We are official on the website for Anticipation.
English: http://www.anticipationsf.ca/English/WritersWorkshop
French: http://www.anticipationsf.ca/Fran%e7ais/Ateliers

And there's a linky thing on the menu on the left side under Workshops.

We are SERIOUSLY almost full. I have 17 English-language sections filling up with novel excerpts, novella excerpts, novelettes, and short stories. I have begun assigning manuscripts. The pros want as much lead time as possible. July 25th is HERE, guys.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the people who helped to spread the word when it wasn't on the website. And don't listen to any stories of why the word wasn't out earlier. It's no one person's fault, though I take responsibility for the situation overall. These workshops are important to people. The pros and the people submitting, both. That they're happening is what's important, not any of the details of the process to get here. But Rich Chwedyk has promised me a barstool and his bartab on August 10th. (Personally, I think he'll leave me to pick up that tab as one more hazing ritual for entering the fraternity, but time will tell.)

Thank you to so many wonderful people that helped spread the word. So far, I know of these: jaylake, tcastleb, matociquala, rolanni, douglascohen, kylecassidy, suricattus, catvalente, dandinghorse, davidlevine. The list goes on and on. Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF mentions the workshops, as does Fantasy Magazine and a very big thank you to the new SFWA website for putting up a "news" notice for us. I never got a chance to put something up on the boards at Analog and Asimov's. Word spread from blog to blog. My blog alone could not have carried the news far enough. If you google "writers workshop worldcon anticipation" you get one heck of a lot of hits.

I know I've forgotten some of you. Comment and I'll edit to add your blog to the list, if you like. Because, um, did I say how grateful I was?

And, as always, thanks to frostokovich for being himself.


I am tweaking still. Mike Shepherd Moscoe will unfortunately not be able to come this year. I'll miss seeing him. He read "Re\Creation" in LA. He read it wrong, but he read it honestly. Jacqueline Lichtenberg has also had to cancel her trip. She's an old hand at these worldcon workshops. Josepha Sherman tells me she can't make it either.

Confirmed Readers:
Jody Lynn Nye
Matthew Rotundo
Colin Harvey
Laura Anne Gilman
Margaret Ronald
Catherynne Valente
Karin Lowachee
S. C. Butler
Jean Lorrah
Jenny Rae Rappaport
David Levine
Sharon Lee
Mindy Klasky
Pat Lundrigen
Nancy Kress
John A. Pitts
Geoff Ryman
M. D. Benoit
Joshua Palmatier
Elaine Isaak
Delia Sherman
Mary Robinette Kowal
Jay Lake
Elizabeth Bear
Eileen Gunn
Tony Pi
Victoria Janssen
P. C. Hodgell
Lawrence Schoen
Elissa Malcohn
Laurel Anne Hill
Steve Miller
Adrienne Foster
Leah Bobet
Richard Chwedyk

And of course, additional readers will be the many people signed up for the workshop sections who will read and critique each other's work.
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