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Weatherdude decides on the 11 hour drive home from Montreal that he wants more bookcases. Which, of course, he hasn't got time to build because he's busy saving the world from bad meteorology, or some such nonsense.

So I called G-Dude from the road. Dude wants built-ins. It turns out The Dude also wants bamboo flooring "some day." Ummm, like, this is the right time to do it? Hello?

So we're in the process of ripping up Weatherdude's office (once a formal dining room) for the first time in 7 years. Ummm, yeah, found mouse droppings and some chocolate. Ugh. So this weekend has been the great diaspora of Dude's books to all corners of the house. Or just the foyer. Although some of them ended up in the tv room which is between his office and the foyer. Those actually ended up back on the bookcase they came off of. In its new location. Which might get moved again. Because, well, we didn't really think this one out. (Needs to be swapped with another bookcase.)

Books, books, books. See also edge of bookcase in tv room that was moved on Thur/Sat. Hope no one wants to use the front door. In the country, no one usually does.

I call this "Where I Surf" as opposed to Kyle Cassidy's "Where I Write" series. The Dude answers a lot of email from this desk. A lot.

The Dude's desk is usually hidden behind these four bookcases, which were moved to our living room to allow for bamboo flooring. So there's one bookcase left and five have been moved out. It echoes in there now.

This was an opportunity to clean his big mac (and a lot of other things too). A lot of dirt accumulates in 7 years. That's Miss E's weather-inspired artwork on the wall behind him.

I have no idea how this got in here. This is not The Dude's office and that is not The Dude.
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