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Sunday News...

Still one tax return to go...story has to wait while I do that, sorry story(ies).

I was quite pleased to learn via A.C. Wise this morning that Ellen Datlow had put up her full list of 2008 stories she liked at Nightshade Books http://nightshadebooks.com/discus/messages/233/31565.html?1254591491. While I didn't make the final cut of 50 that will be listed in Best Horror of The Year, Volume One, I did make the full list. I couldn't ask for a nicer surprise, frankly, for my first published story, available in both English and Russian, btw. A.C. Wise, who participated in the Anticipation Writers Workshop sections, was herself mentioned twice in the full list. Jay Lake will be listed in the volume's HM for his novella "America, Such As She Is" in "Alembical," selected and published by klingonguy. So many more...several from Mike Allen's Clockwork Phoenix, several by Mike Allen himself, several by Elizabeth Bear, one from Mary Robinette Kowal, one from Leah Bobet, one from Nebula-winner Rich Chwedyk, one from Margaret Ronald, two by Cat Valente. Kowal, Bobet, Chwedyk, Ronald, Valente, Bear, and Lake were all pro critiquers for Anticipation's Writers Workshops. One by Scott Edelman, who gave our overview presentation on Thursday at Anticipation for "How to Receive a Critique." Two by my friend Jeff Ford, how could there not be at least one? One by Chris Cevasco and one by Cat Rambo, who went to Taos Toolbox with me. John Kessel, Liz Hand, both were writers in residence for my year at Clarion. One by Sarah Totten, who went to Clarion with me. And one by the king of snacks, Greg Van Eekhout. I'm sure I'm missing someone, it's quite a list. I know many of the names, but these are folks whose lives intersect with mine online and off. The long list of mentions reflect the difference between choosing a story to fill an anthology to an editor's taste and acknowledging to the world that a reader with a very good eye enjoyed someone's story. The latter is fine by me.

Mrs. G is declining in a rather alarming way. She's not eating, despite her recent shot. She's gone to ground today, spent much of yesterday asleep. She's had a good 3 months.

Family yoga session again today. This is a really cool thing. A private class for three. Miss E is getting over her cold and I'm just getting it, starting with the sore throat, so the two of us were a bit slow. The Dude made up for both of us.

We're thinking of buying a log splitter after 7 years of looking at them. The Dude did a number on his elbow last year from vibration in the mallet traveling up his arm. I suspect this is the year we buy one.

The Dude's new job is very, very cool. He gets to ask the questions instead of running around answering them. He gets to set a lot of the tone, instead of being set upon. He's busy, but happy. It's especially nice that he's not doing two jobs anymore.

We're enjoying fall weather here. We still need to mow, I did half yesterday for several hours. We need firewood, the chickens are molting. We might have rats in the barn for the first time. The Dude thinks we do. I was nonplussed until I realized that LOTS of rats were probably forcibly evicted from their homes when the county tore down the farm buildings about a half mile away to build the new high school. And yes, a family might have moved in with us. Ticks are still showing up on the cats, but a hard freeze should be coming soon. And when that happens, the house will be overrun with The Dude's plants.

Frog Out
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