Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Bogged Down

I'm bogged down in this middle grade story, which is really being written for Miss E, herself, because her Mom usually writes for grownups. It's a good exercise, I think, because it's not so much coming from me opening a vein or from one of my previously developed universes. But that makes it tricky as well because I've not spent much time with these characters. Well, actually, they're under my feet every single day, but I haven't spent time with them as FICTIONAL characters.

So there I was, beating my head against the 20k mark when I should be sprinting for the 25k mark, and I had very little plot and characterization and lots of writing my way in for this story #3, the middle grade one. And Miss E walks in the room and says "Do you think we could marry one of the girls [female kittens] to Thomas [who is very fat and 6 years old] so he can keep on being king?" Plot! OMG, Plot! Piling more Bad Things onto the characters!

Oh, and Miss E was not in any way discussing my current story being drafted. Because she's unaware I'm writing it. I've only told The Dude about it because it needs to be edited before she sees it and who knows how long that will take me. So Miss E is talking REALITY. Yes, she's got this elaborate monarchy going among the household cats, beginning with Mrs. Gaines as the queen, now deceased. (Ummm, plot? world? yup.)

And no, I have plenty of characters in this story, almost too many.

Announcing it here for the first time anywhere in print, Walkabout Farm now houses 8 cats. Yes, I said eight. It's going to be an interesting winter.

May they all become primarily outdoor cats by spring.

Frog Out
Tags: nanowrimo 2009, writing

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