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Process Continues to Amaze

Probably only amazes me, though.

36k, which is definitely behind the count, but not impossibly so. Philcon was a bust this year for writing. Last year I did really well, finished a story. But this year I was 'on stage' and that seemed to occupy my time pretty thoroughly. Tom Doyle wasn't all that helpful, either. He did a great job of creating distractions from time to time. Others are also to blame.

The lack of writing created a burst of writing on Wednesday during the drive to Boston. 5100 words written before my battery died and I could have kept going. We were only at the Tappan Zee Bridge, halfway in terms of time on the road. A new story came pouring out of me. Alas, I'm now having trouble grabbing at the energy of that story again. I don't really want it to be one of my 'broken' drafts that never gets finished.

I had no idea I could pour out that many words in one 'sitting.' I'll have to do it again on the way home to have a shot at the brass ring of 50k of fiction to be edited later.

Learning things, I am. Next up, teaching my editor to edit. But as for the blog, I have new and different things to post about: kittenz and some personal journey stuff and yes, I shall go back to talking about chickens at some point. I think the next time I drive to a con, I'll post an egg sale. I was only able to shed 3 dozen at Philcon and another 3 here in Boston. There are still about 7 dozen in the fridge at home.

Frog Out


Nov. 27th, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
Dec. 1st, 2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
photos upcoming now that NaNo is over.