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I was late letting the chickens out. I was mobbed at the coop door by cranky, hungry chickens, but I've learned to gently move them back with my foot so I can get inside to open their flap door. Two eggs were ready and later E collected 10 more, so an even dozen from the girls today. We thought one had stopped laying, which supposedly happens when you don't have a rooster. She goes butch, according to the chicken books. I've seen one strutting around the yard chanting "I'm bad, I'm sooooo bad" lately. I guess deep down she's just like all us girls...born with eggs and Nature determines the rest, including PMS.

The dew was heavy this morning, the sun is low at 8 am now. The dew was like frost in that light, laying across the paddock in large patches. The dog and I left a wake where we had walked down from the house to the barn. A very light breeze moved individual blades ever so gently, causing a sparkling effect in the sun. The grass is long again. Mowing is my job. Pragmatic thoughts in the midst of poetic ones.

Left the door open and the cats helped themselves all day. Keeps me from being interrupted by demands to go in or out. I heard the crows harassing something around 10 am and went out to patrol. Rainbow Tom came along. As if he would be any help against a fox. I clapped my hands at the hedgerows and then the crows moved off, following whateveritwas down towards the swamp, off our property. The gray fox, probably. He hangs around, hoping for a chicken dinner. I'll feed him cat food first. Not the cats, just their food.

Today is CSA day (Community Supported Agriculture) since we decided not to have much of a garden ourselves this year. It's been a bit disappointing so far, they haven't had enough labor for harvesting. But I don't know how we will eat all of this week's share. The haul was a bunch of edamame, 8 large heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, small eggplants, parsnips, 3 small boxes of green and red peppers and a bunch of swiss chard. Since they come to the Farmer's Market, I bought peaches, asian pears, cantaloupe and apples at another stand. Our peaches are all gone and I'm a peach fiend. Our own apples will be, at best, for cooking. These were for J. E is the cantaloupe fiend. We won't mention the pastries, which were excellent, btw. I might have to cut a larger hole in the birdhouse.

Need parsnip and eggplant recipes. Not just any. Good ones that are also low calorie.
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