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Continuing Series of WTF? Moments

I was able to crunch out another 5k of unadulterated drivel on the drive south today before my battery gave out. My word count is still behind, at 43k and change, but OMG, this thing is doable. With 2 days to go, more than 50 hours left, I have 6.6k still to write. What I also have is 2 stories in draft still, which can easily absorb that word count. What I have learned is that I could do this NaNo thing, I really could. Last year, I couldn't. This year I could. It would be a shame to be so close and not complete the task.

Frog Out

PS Grey days are best for typing in a car. Sunny days with sun in your face, not so much.


Nov. 29th, 2009 08:15 pm (UTC)
It's tricky, I agree. The gray day was optimal. I get headaches keeping my head down too long, too much glare, or esp. with light flashing through trees.

I swear I was not trying to type and steer. Different person driving.