Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond


Family is chatting. Kittenz that need to go to bed with Miss E. People who say I should have done this in the morning when I had a client meeting and couldn't. People who ask how it's going when my head is with some pirates on some uncharted island. I stop to talk about my pet hobbyhorses. Lose time. I stop to recharge a bit. I'm told that if I'd just copied and pasted those IM conversations into my drafts from two weeks ago, I'd be done by now. I give The Dude "The Look" as in, that's so not funny. Now the background is of dishwashing and more chatter about cat toys from Miss E, who has said five minutes ago that I'm doing a good job. She also checked my NaNo buddies list and was impressed that almost all have already crossed the finish line. Serious sneezing accompanies my attempt to figure out what the next scene looks like. Not my sneezing. Not cat sneezes. And The Dude has begun doing yoga about five feet away from me. At least that's a quiet activity. Except for the heavy breathing part.

Oops. This is taking too long. And I'm getting tired. I normally go to bed about 9pm. Not tonight, I guess.

48,572 and typing...

Frog Out
Tags: nanowrimo 2009, writing

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