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What To Do Now That NaNo Is Over...

Ok, so I'm sure that all of my f-list that did NaNo for the past 30 days are now wondering what to do with those words they generated. Someone pointed to Dean Wesley Smith's blog where he suggested putting the ms. in an envelope and mailing it off immediately. That might seem a bit premature, but the sentiment is right. Don't put it in a drawer.

And here's what you should do instead of putting that ms. in a drawer. Go through it once, twice, or no times at all, and then stuff some part of it in an envelope and mail it off to Walter Jon Williams. That's right. Walter wants to read it. His blog says so http://walterjonwilliams.blogspot.com/2009/11/taos-toolbox.html. I say so.

It's December 1st and Taos Toolbox has opened for submissions. http://www.taostoolbox.com for details and the PO box to send your excerpt to.

TT is two weeks with a group of about 15 other yeoman writers in the beautiful (and delightfully cool) Taos Ski Valley. You will be inspired. You will network. You will be high on the lack of oxygen, the hot tub, the creative conversations pinging off each other. It's different from Odyssey or Clarion, but has some similarities, too. You'll critique two pieces of writing by each member of the group. You'll learn a lot about ways to write and ways to tell stories.

Best money I ever spent and I've threatened to go back and do it again. Contact me if you want more details. I'll go on and on about it.

But srsly, dudes and dudettes. Put that NaNo ms. to good use by stuffing it in an envelope and sending it to Walter. Don't let it just sit there gathering dust. And if you didn't do NaNo? That's ok. Walter doesn't insist it be a NaNo ms. Any piece of writing will work.

Frog Out
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