Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Levine Goes To Mars

In case you don't know, David Levine (davidlevine) is about to spend two weeks in the Mars Desert Research Station as part of Crew 88. See his entry on December 25th for the mission patch!

David helped out with the Anticipation Writers' Workshop last summer in Montreal. "Helped out" is an understatement. He graciously offered his time and he helped spread the word on his blog when we needed submissions before the deadline. He believes in the process of holding these Milford-style workshops at cons and is an excellent critiquer.

He's a Hugo winner, a graduate of Clarion West, and went to Walter Jon Williams' Taos Toolbox in 2008 (http://wwww.taostoolbox.com, accepting applications for 2010 now).

So far he's only posted about PREPARING for the trip and I'm engrossed in the story. I believe he enters the research station today with his fellow crew members.

Envy. I am made of so much envy.

Go join his blog to follow along.

Frog Out
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