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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Behind The Cut

If you're not interesting in my interior decorating, move along. Nothing to see, it's just potty humor. In fact, until G-Dude is done later this week, there's very little to see, indeed.

Ok, as you will see the initial color combinations are just crappy. Unfortunately, Weatherdude is fond of very blah colors (reminding him of foggy days and he's a sucker for New England or Weather names) and seems to think some of these might do for the bedroom walls. But I think all the samples were a bust. Meanwhile, something in the browns is promising. It's the 2105 strip from 10 to 70, though the strip I have is only four blocks of the lightest. What's interesting is that it has the saturation of the pink, as people said. Miss E likes Savory Cream, but I think it will be too light. Acapulco Sand is turning out to be the same saturation as the pink tiles that line the tub/shower area in daylight. But I'm interested in Sand Pebble and Dusty Ranch Brown and even darker members of this particular color set. And I'm toying with darker walls and brighter accent, as the door and window are prominent features in the room.

But if you wanted a before pic, this will sort of give the idea of the room. Seriously, it's not big enough for me to be able to take a pic of the room as a whole.

And showing the floor tiles:

Frog Out
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