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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Stuff To Be Said

Story and writing are moving along. I'm still tired and can't keep at the writing for an entire day. Not to mention all those tasks I put off during tax season must also be handled.

Staying away from home at night broke loose my exhaustion and inability to focus after tax season, opened up my writing. And I want to write. I want to bring to writing some of the habits of focus that came out of mothballs for tax season. My friend Luc Reid on willpowerengine has excellent things to say about how focus works, how habits work, how will power does and doesn't work. One idea that hit me is that organizing for projects is a habit and even if disused, it's still there in the brain. And tax season proves that. Those habits are there from 20 years of doing taxes, most of which were years where I had my own practice even while working full time. Each year I dust them off in January. Each year the habit gets stronger. I can take on more work, accomplish more, stay focused. Sometimes with help from friends and family.

And why wouldn't that translate over to my writing? Of course it will.

Off I go to write. I have photos of the new chicken run, which is a permanent structure now. Photos of Easter, photos of all kinds of things to be posted. But while that's on my list of 'want to do,' writing is higher priority. This story has fermented long enough.

Oh, and I had a great tarot reading about my writing too. Stop being such a perfectionist and let it flow. Yeah. Right.

Frog Out
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