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Horse Camp

This was not a writing camp and has been busy with horses and visiting and seeing the 100-year bloom of wildflowers in the desert. My fingers are itchy. My brain is itchy. This is a place I come to write and I'm not doing that this time. But it was also a time of measurement. How much change has occurred in my body in six months? A fair amount. I can definitely move better after regular yoga. It's not easy to mount or ride Pandora when your body is all locked up. Some of the groundwork we did was for opening up our movements to communicate better with the horses. Walk on the ground with the horse and adjust your stride and see what happens, what the horse does. tcastleb caught that on film. It was in good fun and sometimes you just can't take things too seriously. (I can't? But, but, but...) Sometimes the Oz just needs to loosen up, you know?

From the Ministry of Silly Walks:

Ok, so who knew the horse would do whatever I did? Here I am, trying to goosestep.

She's the best partner for me...makes me all warm and fuzzy-feeling.


May. 1st, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
So sorry you couldn't make it over to DHF! Next time!