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I've had a lot of assistance while editing.

The cats that adopted me (and my desk), Goliath (14) and Phineas (1). There's a point here where Goliath started flicking his tail and Phineas found it irresistible. Did not end well for Phineas. Goliath has personal space issues.

Thankfully, that machine is mostly for business correspondence (not needed at the moment) and music. My typing table is to the right, where I do most of my keying on either of my laptops. The papers are notes, drafts, bills, to do lists, the usual. The keyboard has been moved aside, otherwise the computer goes nuts, despite the screensaver lock.


May. 27th, 2010 11:29 am (UTC)
Mina's in my lap. Fitz has taken to sleeping about three feet in front of the door when he's not sleeping with me, which makes it a bit awkward getting in and out without stepping on him. Weird cat. At least he doesn't run out the door.