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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

And Taos Toolbox Continues...

I wasn't blogging while I was working to finish my second week submission. We had a firm deadline of noon on Tuesday. I finished about 12 hours ahead of that deadline, but still one of the last subs in. Which is typical. I finished a draft of the gen ship story at long last. The initial and very yucky original bits were written 35 months ago here at SnowBear. In a different room, but on the same premises. That wasn't where gen ship started. The world started before that in my hive mind group as exercises and notes. And then at TT 2007, I tried to write the first draft. And failed. I suppose if I search the blog history, I can find out when I began working on this story again, in earnest. I remember figuring out that I needed to switch two scenes for the opening. That change stuck. And while I'm not happy with the draft I turned in, it suffices. Mostly because it is, in fact, a full draft of all the scenes I envisioned putting into the story. At long last.

Weatherdude immediately told me it needs to be longer. But of course he did.

Frog Out

PS: sightings: 3 deer (by me), crows, hummingbirds, ground squirrel, coyote, and BEAR. Apparently it went right down the walkway outside of Davos all you 2007 TTer's. Right past our rooms and off into the parking lot. The garbage bins are being kept in the laundry room this year because the bears are "active." I'll say. Imagine sitting at the table in Davos working and a bear walks by the window!

Group Shot Tonight, taken by Cindy, the caterer (same caterer)
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