Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Toolbox Farewell

Sitting in the airport, awaiting a flight to Baltimore where Miss E and Weatherdude will pick me up and sweep me home tonight. Taos Toolbox 2010 has ended. We stayed up late last night (for me) until about 1AM, because none of us really wanted to say good-bye. But slowly, like in The Sound of Music, one by one, the TTer's disappeared. Nancy Kress went to bed early, but she came up to say good-bye the next morning. Thank you, Nancy, for lots and lots of most excellent advice! And to Walter...a very heartfelt thanks for letting me go to TT a second time to polish what I learned the first time. The story I turned in for week two, three years after it was begun, shows the growth in my process. (And yes, everyone skewered it on Friday, but then babbled all about my world, which was lots of fun.)

Walter Jon Williams, Fearless Leader in the crusade against mediocre writing:

I had the top of the Snow Bear condo, on the backside, with Amy. We had such a fab living room (complete with antler chandelier hung from a vaulted ceiling) that we used it for gatherings and plotting out klingonguy's second novel, some of which was submitted at the workshop. Rich Baldwin, richbaldwin with his background in screenwriting, turned out to be a master at this.

Lawrence and his super-kooky cogitoading roommate, Jason:

Oz and her super-wonderful roommate, Amy, a great person to spend two weeks with:

Amy sang, Rich played his guitar, and they watched the stars together at night. On Friday, we went on the nature trail and then walked back across the bunny slope.

We drove down the mountain today and turned in our rental car, with Ada and George as additional passengers defraying the gas costs.

Frog Out
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