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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Fourth of July on Walkabout Farm

I grew up in locations where all fireworks were illegal, except sometimes sparklers and snakes. Here on Walkabout Farm, in a more rural and unregulated location, we get to do lawn fireworks. These would have gotten you busted in western Mass or in the cities. The Dude, on the ocean in RI, used to have fireworks for the street, illegal ones lit at the end of a dock by his Dad.

So we had our lawn fireworks, including some imports from around Gettysburg, PA, that are a bit bigger than those sold from a trailer in town. Miss E has her favorite: Hawaiian Rainbow. They stopped stocking it a few years back and we bought all they had. We have one left now. The Dude and I like a tiny one called the Hen. It's a chicken and you light a fuse in her butt. She sort of spits out sparks that are supposed to be an egg for all of 5 seconds and then whistles. We think it's funny. Miss E dislikes the whistle. Jade Flower, Silver Orchid, all just sparks. Purple Rain has more of a crackle, but is quite pretty in the dying light. Smoke bombs are another favorite of Miss E's. We lit quite a few, which mixed poorly with my omelet, I must say.

Dark fell and we can see the town's fireworks from our yard. The trees are a lot higher eight years later, but we can still see most of the display. I'm thinking I need to top some trees, though. We rounded up most of the cats, especially the ones that really don't like thunder, and stuffed them in the house. It's a lot harder to round up 9 cats than it ever was to round up 4. The Dude and I sat and watched the entire show, start to finish from our deck, Maralton and Miss E were there for part of it.

And then it was time to pack Miss E off to bed and wrap a remaining few presents for her birthday tomorrow. Eleven years ago, I was having labor pains on the fourth. It was hot, she was overdue by five days, I had no interest in fireworks that year. Born early in the afternoon of the 5th, she was. We've had several days of presents this year and will be low-key compared to years we've put on a show and a huge treasure hunt. And then it's off to New England on Tuesday.

Happy Fourth,
Frog Out
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