Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond


Some days watching lj is like watching my mailbox. Nothing much happens. The guy shows up once a day with junk mail that I promptly throw away. The nuggets from friends are few and far between.

Speaking of junk mail, I received a "thank you" in the form of frozen crabcakes via FedEx. The box came packed in dry ice. We had a lot of fun with that. Sublimation and other engineering humor and hijinks. E thought it was way cool stuff. But no one in this house does any kind of fish: fresh, salt, shell. Nothing that lives its life in water, whether or not it has gills. So while we thought the dry ice was a great gift, we're a bit stumped on what to do with the box that came with it. My client suggested eating the contents with mashed potatoes. I don't even do mashed potatoes very often anymore, let alone putting them anywhere near some crustacean of questionable worth.

I'm sure I'll come up with something. If I keep them frozen, they might make good hockey pucks in the winter for shooting goals on the small pond.

Frog Out
Tags: silliness

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