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Philcon and a Writing Workshop...


Somewhere on my f-list will be folks going to Philcon or who know people who go to Philcon. Did you know there's a writing workshop at Philcon? Darrell told me on Sat night that no one has submitted anything yet. And it's always a small workshop with lots of great feedback. I think there were 6 pros critiquing last year, including Darrell, Jonathan Mayberry, Gregory Frost, and myself. Now you might not think those are 'big' names, but in terms of who can tell you about writing and what sells? Those are, indeed, BIG names. (Except me, of course.) And you'll get feedback from ALL of them, not just a couple of them.

So think about it. And do it. You send 10 hard copies to Darrell to be distributed in the session and one electronic copy for the pros to read beforehand. This is not exactly like the workshops I've organized, but it's similar. You don't have to critique the other participants. The copies are offered so you can follow what's being said by the pros. There's an hour at the start of the workshop for reading the other submissions. And then the critiques begin.

The deadline is Nov 13th. That's more than enough time. Any questions? Leave a comment.

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