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Rock Hound and Reader

Monday was a rush to finalize the first book report of the year: a word hunt and presentation on "The Iron Ring" by Lloyd Alexander. Miss E created the word hunt by hand, using graph paper. She laid out the 19 words (there were supposed to be 20) 'just like battleship' I told her. Then I copied the paper so there would be an answer key. After that, she blocked in letter after letter after letter over a period of nights while watching tv. I thought she would never be able to hide where her words were, but the finished result was appropriately confusing. I tried to get Weatherdude and Maralton to test her word hunt, but I ended up being the guinea pig. Which is when I discovered (after much frustration and a consultation of the answer key) that there were only 19 words. She had neglected 'honor.' And if that isn't a statement on something, I don't know what is. Thirty copies, a reading to me, a practice discussion of the book and she was ready.

Next up, she wants to do "Pinky Pye" an old standard. There is some sort of discrimination here because "Ginger Pye" is an accelerated reader book but "Pinkie Pye" isn't. Ginger Pye is about a dog, Pinkie Pye is about a cat. But her teacher gave permission for her to do a book report on a book that wasn't an accelerated reader and disaster, if not prejudice, has been averted.

Last night was the push to finish her first science project, an examination of rocks and minerals. Miss E chose to compare some of her Nahant collection to rocks found on our driveway from a local quarry. The only consistent finding was the hardness. Virginia rocks are harder than Nahant rocks. It was a flurry of typing and photographing and memory cards too big for my reader, etc. She had done a lot of the work at school, but here we were, pulling it all together the night before it was due.

A friendship rock, from the Nahant collection:

The Rock Hunter, who finished her essay by saying that while it was fun to pretend to be a geologist, she'd rather just collect what she likes...which, apparently, includes a cat or two.
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