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New from DHF! It's HORSE YOGA!

This was not the first time for horse yoga at DHF. October camp had a horse yoga session, complete with photos, here: http://coraa.livejournal.com/436606.html. Traci tcastleb had been taking horse yoga with a single horse from Desert Horse Equestrian (which is also our riding instructor and horse massage therapist), see here: http://www.deserthorseinc.com/yoga.htm.

White horse yoga is such a success that they plan to have regular sessions at DHF with locals. Ephiny is working through an abscess so she was in her stall and Pooka was in his run. But Khepera, Capria, Pandora, Camilla, Caarma, and Tia were all loose in the arena with us. Or rather, it's their arena and we were loose in it.

Camilla, who is usually the war mare extraordinaire, goes all soft during yoga and it's like she's a different horse. Khep was being a gentleman and stayed outside the circle during the session, but came up for attention (i.e. adulation) after. (If Khep had been in the middle, no one else but his mother could have joined us.) Pandora, with both Judy dancinghorse and I doing yoga, was very much present. Tia, who had been all thinky my first day here, finally said hello and mingled. Capria came over to talk to Rebecca rstefoff. Rebecca had had a lesson on Capria the day before. Traci was both taking photos and doing yoga and Caarma came to see her at one point.

I think it's safe to say that each horse yoga session is different. Jenny adapts the session to the needs/physical level of the participants. I needed to stretch my spine and open up my hips. We did forward folds and modified warrior poses and a lot of breathing and stacking. Jenny had seen a horse extending its leg on the way over and that sent the message that we needed to do the same, work a bit on balance and extension. The session stretched me enough that I did a series of sun salutes and warrior poses at the end. One of the few rules of horse yoga is to keep your eyes open so you can see where the horses are. I can usually sense them even with my eyes closed, not as well as Judy or Traci, but pretty well.

All photographs copyright Traci Castleberry.
This is what it looks like....that's Camilla, the War Mare, snuggling up to Rebecca. From left to right: Oz, Judy, Monica, Camilla, Rebecca, Tia and Pandora, who has an owie.

And this is what it looks like when one's horse (Pandora) suddenly pushes one in the back, very gently, as if to say: straighten up there, Missy.

Tia provides support for leg extensions: Rebecca watches while Judy, Tia, Jenny work.

More yoga pics tomorrow, dear readers. The frog needs to go wrack up some words for NaNoWriMo. No words yesterday due to yoga and errands and yakking with old friends.

Frog Out
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