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More Horse Yoga from DHF

More from Friday's horse yoga session. We did a full, but relaxed, practice of standing postures and breathing. Horse yoga is not something you just go out and do. You don't get out of your car and get in a field of horses and do some yoga. Different herds have different dynamics. These horses are highly socialized, attuned to humans, and have a stable herd dynamic.

All photos are copyright Traci Castleberry
Here, we're doing forward folds...

Which is, apparently, a good opportunity to check out my, um, hindquarters? That's Pandora.

I said yesterday that Tia had been all thinky and hadn't said hello to me yet? I've known Tia since she was quite young and she and I have always been good friends. The first year I was at horse camp, Tia would push into my space a lot and Judy taught me to push back, let her know who was boss. This is still one of my favorite photos...Tia's nose in my camera lens.

So I was sad when Tia wouldn't talk to me at all the first day I was here. And then, at the end of horse yoga when I was doing Warrior 2, I felt my hand being licked. Looking at the photo evidence, she was telling me I needed to lift my back arm more. Monica and Judy are on either side of her. (Notice how Tia's color has changed from black to gray.)

Three years ago, Monica was very afraid of horses. Here she is after yoga, sandwiched by Khepera and Capria, son and mother. She's worked hard to be comfortable around horses. DHF Lipizzans make it look easy, don't they?

You, too, can do horse yoga at DHF.
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