Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Oops...I had to cut the trip short

Miss E continues to have a fever so I've booked a flight home. I'm flying west to LAX and then east on a redeye to Dulles. I'll get in about the time the doctor has sick call hours. Even if this is nothing but a continued flu-type virus, Weatherdude can go to the office tomorrow and Tuesday and I'll take care of Miss E. If I hadn't changed my flight, I wouldn't be home until Tues afternoon and he might well miss another two days in the office. As far as I'm concerned, he's done more than his fair share, holding down the fort when school was closed Mon/Tues and then when she was sick Wed-Fri of last week. I'm missing a visit from the farrier, which Weatherdude thinks is a shame, but this is much more important. The farrier is coming to trim some feet, but also to open up an abscess on Ephiny. Yes, it's icky, but I've seen enough of them in my time that I'm simply fascinated by the idea that a horse works out the infection to its feet and then out of its body.

I had to find a flight, get it booked, get things set up to get to the airport. As Rebecca dropped me off, the mountains were pink in the afterglow of sunset. And now I'm watching the yellow light fade behind them as I sit waiting for the first leg of my flight home. I might be behind on NaNo now, but this is a great opportunity to catch up.

Meanwhile, here's Rebecca talking to Pandora. I sent my thoughts to Pandora as I left. There wasn't time to go down, say good-bye in person, then change again for the flight. (I would have been covered in horse hair, something some passengers wouldn't thank me for.)

Pandora, who holds us all up, all of her many fans. This is Judy being supported by Pandora, who is solidly plugged into the Earth.

Frog Out
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