Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Accurate Predictions

Yes, as predicted, The Mouse King's Revenge has been kicking my butt. But my editrix, she is mighty and is taking down names. In other words, my story is late (everyone else has turned theirs in) but it continues to be wrestled into shape. Picture me sleepy and in need of a shower, typing away and wracking my brains for the right words. OTOH, don't picture me that way. It's not a pretty sight. And no, I will not do the meme where you use the camera in the computer to take a photo Right Now. Some images are just not meant to be recorded.

Lots of snow and ice around the country right now. So much going on that the servers for the National Weather Service website crashed yesterday. Weatherdude has been heard muttering about it, incensed that this sort of problem hadn't been foreseen, that the proper infrastructure isn't in place, etc. But I hear the youtube uploads are still working...pre-recorded weather briefings.

School was out yesterday for 'ice' though there wasn't any when I went out at 2pm. But Miss E was delighted, far more than I was. It's not easy to hear my characters when I get interrupted for Real Life stuff. Today, school starts on time and MKR waits for me, just as soon as I've woken up the chickens. The focus, she is mighty. I told G-Dude that no, I'm not making any decisions about paint colors until the draft is done and he's not to show up today. Decisions? About what color to paint the walls around my vanity? When my head is full of MKR? There's no room in there for decisions. Maybe on Thursday.

Frog Out
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