Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Down Under

Weatherdude is down under this week. Yes, he's in Oz. His entire trip is less than 7 days. He left Sat evening and returns Friday evening. But right now, it's tomorrow there. I asked him for the results of tonight's games here so I could bet on a sure thing, but he couldn't find a newspaper that carries American sports.

Anyway, your tax dollars at work and all that. He's one of a delegation of three who are negotiating weather terms with other weather folk. I told him to please stop complaining about the flight and headaches and stuff like that. He's visiting my dream country and I'm not. It's like the time he was in the Air Force and wanted to volunteer to be a weatherman in space and I told him if he did, I would never forgive him. If he went up into space, one of my dreams, I wouldn't be there when he got back. The rift between us would be too wide. Well, we never got to that point because the Challenger accident happened right after he thought he'd put his papers in. End of any opportunity for several years and by then he wasn't a young captain anymore.

So here is Weatherdude, in Oz, standing below the sign for Drummond Street. Yeah. He knows what will make me laugh. Not least of which is the parade rest stance. You can take an Officerdude out of the Air Force, but...

And no, he hasn't had a mustache in a few years now. Old photo of him as Chickendude.

Frog Out
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