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Why I Work From My Home...

I've been thinking lately about working in an office with other folks as a wage slave vs. working out of my home for the biggest slave driver in the world, me. At Arthur Andersen, we saw so many different tax issues that chances were someone had seen the issue you had a question about and was willing to share knowledge (while billing the time to your client, of course). I liked being a contractor at one company because I could just go to my office and work through tax returns. I didn't have to attend meetings and birthday parties (though I was usually invited). I didn't have to ask my coworkers how they were feeling and actually listen. Don't get me wrong. I like listening to people describe their lives. But during tax season, what I want to do is crunch tax returns. We'll catch up after the deadline, ok?

What I like about the type of tax work I do is that it does involve talking to people and finding things out about their lives. My ability to listen is how I figure out what should go on their tax return and why. And then my head goes down and I crunch numbers. So once a year, I'm very interested in people's lives and doings. Four times a year if I do estimated taxes. When I prepare returns I see patterns in how our tax system works and how the economy is affecting my clients. For example, the people who get to deduct medical expenses are usually senior citizens on limited incomes, especially if they went to the dentist last year. Dentistry gets wickedly expensive.

I like not having a commute. Here in this area, commutes can be an hour each way. Such a waste of time! I get up at 5:30 and I'm in my office checking email before 6AM. And at about 7:30PM, I shut the computer down. Though I have days when it's more intense than that. And somewhere in there, I check on my daughter's homework. And sometimes run to the grocery store for those much needed food items. Personal hygiene can sometimes go hang for a day...no one is going to see me when I didn't shower. And not wearing stockings or a suit? Priceless.

So I find this an efficient way to work. I get a lot done in those 12+ hours (which will probably increase to 16 shortly). I get to play my music at full blast for much of that time without worrying whether anyone else likes my taste in music. But most of all, I have office cats.

I don't know how I ever lived without them. At first they kept crawling in my lap or behind me in the chair. But now we've worked out a compromise. Benny has been given his own chair and I have to give Phineas my flannel shirt to keep him from harassing Benny. If Benny leaves, Phineas takes over the chair. These are the primary two office cats, the ones who seem to have taken on the wearisome burden of keeping an eye on me to make sure I'm really working.

Note the multiple computers in use...three of 'em.

So that's why I don't post much to the blog at this time of year. Not only does no one want to hear about my life when they're so busy, but my clients would say, "hey, where's my tax return if you have time to blog?"

Oh wait. Never mind. This entry was posted by felines. Really.

Frog Out
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