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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Oh My, the Holidays!

The traditional trek. E and I skipped a day of school and drove from Virginia to Boston yesterday. 535 miles with one stop. 9.5 hours, one of my best times ever. In spite of the holiday, we encountered few traffic issues until the last 100 miles. In New England, that's pretty unusual. As a result, we were able to get through Boston before rush hour traffic started. We heard later the city was grid-locked since the tunnels are still messed up. No wrong turns on this trip. Stopped at the correct McD's in NY.

There was so little traffic and on 5 hours of sleep, I kept finding myself in danger of falling asleep at the wheel in the first 3 hours of the trip (which began promptly at 6 am). But eventually, as the traffic increased, my adrenaline kicked in and I found my long distance driving groove. E, meanwhile, worked her way through dvd's in the back on a portable player. Oh the wonders of modern technology. While I am sad that my child is not experiencing the joys of playing the license plate game or counting cows for pennies, I am equally relieved not to hear constant choruses of 'are we there yet?' She only asked twice. And she was great company in the city driving during the last half hour.

As children we used to chant 'How-ward John-son's, How-ward John-son's' from the back seat whenever a sign for one (umpteen miles away) appeared on a large billboard. As a rule, we were ignored. My family stopped only for gas and we usually had a full cooler of sandwiches. One learned to pee on demand every 240 miles or so (8 gallon tank, 30mpg, VW bus). Frankly, I think the only reason we EVER stopped at a Howard Johnson's (or Stuckey's) was for Dad's favorite food, ice cream. And now that I'm an adult, I find that I continue the not-stopping-for-anything tradition because on these long hauls it adds 1/2 hour every time you stop. And E seems to have inherited the ability to wait. (She practices by not using the school bathrooms, I think.)

Speaking of chanting and children, big sister just walked in. We're off for our visit to the penguins at the aquarium today. E sort of zips through the place still and then wants to shop in the store. But hey, it's her trip. She's the one who intends to be a penguin doctor. As a way of financing her future career as the owner of a summer camp.

So with the babble, all creative thought has flown the coop. Which reminds me, I miss the chickens already.

Frog Out

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