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The Nebulas Are Coming!

Yes, it's that season. And the Nebulas are being held right here in my area this year and the next. We're almost to the date now, one week away, May 19-21 at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW. That's a very downtown address.

The Frog, naturally, does not live in DC anymore. I live on 10 acres 50 miles away. But my parents lived in SW for more than 30 years on the top floor with a spectacular view. I lived in SW for about six years, owned a townhouse with Weatherdude on the waterfront in the same complex. Back when he was Major Weatherdude. So it's nice to go downtown to a "local" convention.

At any rate, the BIG NEWS is that the Friday autograph session is open to the public. Even bigger news is that Judy Tarr, aka dancinghorse is coming east and we're sharing a room at the hotel. She's looking into whether one of the horses will fit in a carrier under her seat. Or come as excess baggage. I'm not sure the Hilton will allow us to keep a Lipizzaner in our room, but I have a nice paddock with lots of grass here at Walkabout Farm.

And...I'm on the program. I'll be speaking on Saturday morning on the issues surrounding a decision to incorporate (or create some other form of entity) with Paolo Bacigalupi and hopefully with Wil McCarthy via Skype. I'll be talking to Paolo and Wil about their decision process and the costs. I can't discuss much in the way of tax issues, but my CPA self will be talking as a wise old business advisor, which is a whole different persona from my writerly persona. We'll take questions from the audience, too, but I'm not going to hold my breath that folks will be all that alert at 9:00AM on a Saturday morning.

Judy's on a panel with the Book View Cafe cabal on Saturday afternoon about putting a writer's backlist to work in ebook formats. Be sure to catch that as well.

Link to the program: http://www.sfwa.org/nebula-weekend/events-program/program/

The list of people autographing on Friday is AMAZING. I'll be flitting around talking to folks, never in one place for very long. Here's the list of names:
John Joseph Adams
Catherine Asaro
Paolo Bacigalupi
Christopher Barzak
J. Kathleen Cheney
Chris Claremont
Brenda W. Clough
Aliette de Bodard
Scott Edelman
Timons Esaias
Cynthia Felice
Andrew Fox
Laura Anne Gilman
Anne Groell
Joe Haldeman
Peter Heck
M.K. (Mary) Hobson
Vylar Kaftan
David Keck
John Kessel
Alethea Kontis
Mary Robinette Kowal
Geoffrey A. Landis
Lee Martindale
James Morrow
John Scalzi
Lawrence Schoen
Abby Sexton
Lansing Sexton
Bud Sparhawk
Allen Steele
Eric James Stone
Michael J. Sullivan
Michael Swanwick
Judith Tarr
Brandie Tarvin
Mary Turzillo
Michael Whelan
Connie Willis

WOW! I say, WOW!

Frog Out



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May. 12th, 2011 08:21 pm (UTC)
Hey! My old stomping grounds! And, incidentally, where Reagan and Brady were shot.

But don't think about that. Instead, walk down S Street to 18th and go to Lauriol Plaza for Mexican. Excellent food, excellent drinks but... very crowded. Get there before the rush with your full party in tow, or you'll be standing around for an hour waiting for your coaster to vibrate. If the weather's good, try to get a table on the roof.

Used to be an 18-table little restaurant. Now it's a three-story monstrosity that looks like a gym. But the food didn't change one whit.
May. 13th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
Well who knew you used to live in my area...you're so distant from it now. My hairdresser is right on Dupont Circle. I know this area well, but haven't done the restaurants, so thanks for the recommendation.
May. 13th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Yep. Used to work on the circle itself, in that modernist building at 21, for about three years, commuting from 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. 47 Bus every day, going by the Hotel.

We used to get brunch at Café Luna at L and Connecticut and did lunch and patio drinks with clients at the Bookstore Café on the circle (North-West corner). But the best brunch was the Brazilian Weekend Brunch at the Grill from Ipanema, seven blocks up Columbia Road (the road behind the hotel), just before it reaches 18th Street. 18th street between P and Columbia is really where the good, less-expensive restaurants are: lots of Ethiopian and Latin cuisine.

I can't vouch for anything specific there anymore, except Lauriol Plaza, since we haven't been in DC for over five years.
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